I am wood.

More spoons. More wood.


Curved spoon, maple, LH

I am a curved spoon. I am made of maple, but unlike the previous spoons, I am designed for left-handed use. Like the other spoons, I will also be handy during the apocalypse for fighting off Mad Max-style weirdos, zombies, and vampires.


Curved spoon, hickory, LH

I am a curved spoon. I am made of hickory, and am most commonly used for axe and hammer handles, baseball bats, or woodchips for smoking and barbeque. I am also designed for left-handed use.


Risotto Spoon, maple, 12.5” long

Ciao! I’m a risotto spoon. I am made of maple and have a big hole in my bowl. What good is a spoon with a hole in it? I’m specially designed for cooking risotto. My hole allows the risotto to be stirred and blended thoroughly while minimizing the amount of grains that would be broken with a regular spoon. I am ambidextrous, with a concave bowl on either side, a flat tapered handle, and a perfectly round hole right in my bowl.


Shamoji (rice paddle), maple, 8”long

I’m a shamoji (sha-moh-jee) or rice paddle. I’m primarily used for scooping and serving rice. I have a wide shallow bowl and short flat handle. I’m used by sushi chefs to speed the cooling down of cooked rice, and by pretty much everyone who owns and uses a rice cooker. Also, if you have an Instant Pottm, you probably have a small cheapy plastic thing that looks vaguely like me. Historically, I'm made of wood, bamboo, or lacquer, but nowadays you'll find me everywhere made of plastic. Some of the really fancy versions of me will be made from or coated with a non-stick material. I'm almost never going to be found made from metal, as this will cut the rice or damage the rice tub or pot. You should read my wikipedia article, it's really interesting for a humble spoon.