I am wood.

I am a simple wooden spoon. I am wood.


Apothecary Spoons

I am an apothecary spoon. I have a small round bowl and a long, straight, slender handle. I am useful for things like: mixing magic potions, lemonade, iced tea, stirring soup. I could also be used for cooking stews, or mixing baking ingredients, but why would want to use such a small spoon for something like that?


Curved Spoon, Maple, RH

I am a curved spoon. I am made of maple and designed for right-handed use. I have a tapered, tear-drop shaped handle. My curved bowl design helps get into the corners of pots and pans. I am an excellent spoon for cooking or baking. Because I am made of maple I am very hard and will hold up well against getting “thwacked” on the rims of pots and pans. I can also be useful in the event of endtimes; whether they be robotic uprising, or zombie apocalypse. Since I am wood, my handle can be sharpened into a weapon for poking zombies in the brain, staking the hearts of vampires, or fending off random belligerents in a dystopian future.


Curved Spoon, alder, rh

I am a curved spoon. I am just like the other curved spoon, except I am made of alder. But because I am made of alder, I am slightly softer and more likely to show dents if “thwacked” hard enough. Some people like me because I have a warmer, richer color. I appear reddish when not completely dried out and weathered. If I get dull and dry, you can simply give me a bath in mineral oil. Let me soak it up and then wipe me clean. I, too, can be useful as a weapon/tool for the end-of-days.


I’ve been branded

All spoons are burned with a “T”…because “Takaki” doesn’t fit.

Wood ID

All spoons, except koa, are marked with wood IDs. “M” for maple, “A” for alder, “H” for hickory. You get the idea.