Episode 14 - New Year, New Episode

Welcome to our first episode of 2019. We missed a couple of recordings due to Keira being all barfy on New Year’s Day, but we’re back. This episode doesn’t exactly kick off our new year with much fanfare, as we just sit around and try to think about what we COULD talk about in upcoming episodes, but it’s something to get the ball rolling into a brand new year.

Episode 11 - Ralph Breaks the Internet (Part 2)

This is the second half of our discussion of the movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet. This episode picks up directly on the heels of episode 10, and again, there are SPOILERS UP THE WAZOO here. So if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want SPOILERS, go away and come back after you’ve seen it. Episode music, “A Place Called Slaughter Race”, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, and cast.

Episode 10 - Ralph Breaks the Internet (part 1)

In this first of two-part episode, Keira and I talk about Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to the 2012 movie, Wreck-It Ralph. There’s nothing but SPOILERS in this episode, so if you haven’t yet seen it or are planning on seeing DO NOT listen to this episode. You’ve been warned. Episode music, “A Place Called Slaughter Race”; by Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot and cast.

Episode 9 - Japan

Keira and I talk about Japan. We try to recall our 2016 trip to Japan and some of the highlights with mixed results. The discussion touches on a variety of things including but not limited to planes, trains, and…toilets. And some background cat fights just ‘cuz. Episode music: “Windy”, by Ikson (Creative Commons Lic.)

Episode 8 - Pop Art Spotlight; Chris Yates

Keira and I talk about artist and puzzlesmith, Chris Yates. Chris is a wonderfully whimsical artist who specializes in the mind boggling art of handmade wooden jigsaw puzzles. With the exception of a small line of manufactured puzzles produced by Ceaco, all of Chris’ puzzles are hand cut and painted. He makes one-off puzzles based on existing pop culture icons, original ideas, and collaborative designs with fellow indie artists. Find Chris online at chrisyates.net or on Twitter @superyates. Episode music, “Windy” by Ikson. (Creative Commons Lic.) Find us on Twitter/Instagram @5minutepod

Episode 7 - Cats

Keira and I talk about the two worst (or best) cats in the world…ours! Korra the Manx, and Custard the Domestic American Shorthair (plain) are the topic of discussion tonight. We also discuss the possibility of getting a third feline friend. Music: “Windy”, by Ikson (Creative Commons lic.)

Episode 6 - Cosplay

Keira and I talk about cosplay! (and comic-con) We delve into past and potential costume ideas, and talk about some of the cooler cosplay we’ve seen at Comic-Con. We actually stay pretty much on-topic this time. It doesn’t fall off the rails until the very end. Episode music, “WIndy” by Ikson (Creative Commons lic.)

Episode 4 - Pop Art Spotlight; Joey Spiotto

In this episode I try to give Keira a very abbreviated crash course in POP ART. Tonight we focus on one of our favorite artists, Joey Spiotto (aka Jo3bot). We talk a bit about his work, our random and intentional encounters with him and more. Joey Spiotto can be found online at www.jo3bot.com and on Twitter @joeyspiotto

Episode 2 - Hamilton

Episode 2 - Hamilton; man, musical, Lin Manuel Miranda. Intro/outro music “Alexander Hamilton”, by the Original Broadway Cast, Leslie Odom Jr, et al. Used in the spirit of Fair Use.

Episode 1 - Felicia Day

In this, our first episode, Keira and I discuss the fantastic, funny, and talented Felicia Day. From her role as Vi on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cyd/Codex on the web series The Guild which she created, to Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, and MST3K we touch on it all. Find Felicia Day on Twitter @feliciaday and find us @5minutepod on Twitter or Instagram. Intro/outro music “I’m the One That’s Cool (feat. Felicia Day)” by The Guild used in the spirit of Fair Use.